Those familiar with the photo studio Athletic Model Guild will remember that many of their publications, Physique Pictorials, included sort of horoscope-looking cryptic symbols next to many models' bios. No explanation was given within Physiqe Pictorial for these symbols and should a customer inquire to their purpose, he was often told they were for AMG's own record-keeping.

However, if a customer continued to be on AMG's mailing list for a some time and AMG became somewhat assured that the patron was not a cop, he was sent a copy of the legend, called "Subjective Character Analysis". The wording of the legend is dubious and reads as some Jungian personality-test mumbo-jumbo which, in itself, is interesting enough. One only has to read between the lines, though, to understand the real message, ie: the size of the dick under those posing straps, whether the model was gay or straight, what exactly he was willing to do for money, etc.

Most of the information was based on the photographer's interviews while photographing the model as well as gossip provided by associates and acquaintances. (One assumes it was probably a very SMALL world).

The reasoning behind presenting the information in such an arcane and guarded way was, simply, so it's real intent couldn't be proved in court. Remember, this is a time when posing straps and wrestling were as close to nudity and sex that one could legally publish. As secretive and furtive as AMG tried to be with this information, though, the firm was once closed down by authorities as being a front for an escort/hustler service - purely based on the existence of these Character Analysis codes.

Below is Monte Hanson's subjective character analysis and its interpretation. I find that, once one figures out what each symbol means, it turns some rather interesting male art from the 50s into very horny contemporary porn.

... late riser (big dick) ... typical man (straight guy) ... agreeable personality / socially oriented (open to fooling around with guys) ... very affable (horny most of the time) ... aggressive (likes to be on top), enthusiastic (doesn't just lie there) ... ambitious, enterprising, wants to get ahead (hustles) ...

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